Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Meditation Made Easy,

Going Full Circle

I have been an holistic healer for 35 years now.
And started my own huge healing journey with meditative practice.

It got lost in the mix over the years of study, practicing alternative medicine and hard work.

And my own healing journey.

I eventually came back to it, realising that it was the ONE thing that was missing for me, to truly  fill my cup, connect to myself and to find the missing pieces to my healing practice and my own well being

Now I want you to have this too.

Over the years I have learned much about health and healing and helping others to understand their own health challenges   And my passion is to help you to  really take charge of your health and well being.

An Essential Part of Well being

Meditation ( as I have re-learned) is an essential part of the journey.

To learn to be still and go within, provides many more answers to us than any book or health practitioner can ever do

Enjoy dear friend,

True healing, joy and well being comes from within.

If you ever need a hand, or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

To your health,

Kristin Day

Easy Meditation

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