Stress is everywhere in our modern day world. We seem to never stop, slow down and take stock.

Even when we go to bed we are compiling lists in our heads for the next day / week or month

We are often juggling many thing all at once and it never stops.

And so therefore we don’t (stop)!

This has a huge impact on our whole wellbeing . We start getting aches and pains , more colds and ‘flu’s, feel fatigued, gain weight and can end up with major illness like heart attacks, strokes and the dreaded “C” word”

Stress is at the heart of pretty much every illness ( and dare I say accident) known to man.

Remember the cartoon where the piano falls out of an eight story building onto the poor unsuspecting Coyote?

If we don’t slow down there’s a piano waiting to fall on us too!

Life has a way of making us slow down and take stock if we don’t.

Does Meditation Help Stress?


What is stress?

The definition of  “stress” is:-

“A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”
Pushing ourselves to “Nth ” degree and not taking stock or recharging is basically what causes stress,
Have you ever noticed, that if you’ve been really busy and there has been great demand on your energy and personal resources that when you finally stop ,you get sick?
Its is the body going form one error to the opposite error. The extreme that is created when we are overdoing and not checking in with ourselves,

Not doing that grease and oil change that we do for our vehicles, running on adrenaline and pushing ourselves too hard . It feels great while we’re doing it . Adrenaline is a great drug. But overuse of any drug natural or synthetic has massive consequences

 and what goes up …MUST come down!

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” ~Unknown

Why do we Push ourselves?

 Many reasons;-

  • We may feel overly responsible
  • Its how we gain external validation(or not)
  • We get caught up in over- caring for others and over-giving and it makes us feel temporarily good
  • Because we think we ‘should’ or are doing it to ‘prove’ ourselves’ to others
  • Feeling guilty -which is really  anxiety disguised as guilt – I mean have you really murdered or hurt someone or robbed a bank lately?
  • We understand the pain of not being cared for validated and nurtured the way we needed to be- and this pain transfers to how and what we (over) do for others

Most of these things come from our feelings of not belonging and  low self esteem which comes from not having been acknowledged, noticed, or validated or criticised when we we growing up. It’s insidious and destructive and has a huge impact on our lives ,wellbeing, energy  sense of self and physical and emotional wellbeing.

How Meditation Eases the Strain on your Body

Meditation is a time to slow down and just “be” to not ‘DO” anything for anyone else.

A time to just be there for ourselvesMeditation- Eases- stress -and -strain- on- the- body

A time to recharge

A time to contemplate

A time to prioritise

A time to rebalance the giving and receiving of energy

A TIME TO FILL YOUR CUP before you need to pour from it again .

And as women we are hard wired to nurture .

But for goodness sake where do we come in that equation??


The Adrenals ( ad=above ;renal= kidney) the glands above the kidneys- are the base of our whole hormonal triangle . They are the base of the structure of the whole endocrine system.

If our adrenals are exhausted ,everything above the base of the triangle is put under strain trying to keep the balance.

Hormones can go whacky

Our cycle can go crazy

The thyroid gland is put under stress and strain and then our whole metabolism can be affected.

Our weight can start to rise and our fight back against infections and viruses becomes compromised

Sleep can be affected

Efficient detoxification can also become affected, as the metabolism slows and the liver becomes overloaded, causing all sorts of vague aches pains and digestive and bowel problems – anything form reflux to constipation ( ever heard the term hypochondriac? The liver is in the part of the body called the hypochondruim)

Our bodies are amazing!

The body  will maintain homeostasis (relative equilibrium), for a long time ,however straws  DO BREAK CAMEL’S back’s, when the push has been to much and too hard.

Mediation to Keep you Well

When we meditate on a regular and preferably,  daily basis, we return cortisol levels to normal and most importantly recharge the adrenal glands, so they can do the myriad jobs they do in our bodies:-


  • producing the the precursor chemicals to making our steroid hormones – the oestrogen’s and androgens
  • To maintaining the naturally occurring anti- inflammatory chemicals
  • To maintaining normal weight
  • Maintaining proper mineral balance and therefore bone and teeth health
  • Maintaining normal metabolism and
  • Efficient  immune system response


Prevention is Always Better  than cure

Every time!

We’ve heard it before ‘ Prevention is better than cure’


It takes a long time for the body to completely go out of balance

It is painful and distressing when things go wrong.

And it takes just as much time,  if not more, to come back from the imbalance

And meditation -even if it is just 10 minutes a day, is deeply restorative  and life giving

You ARE worth that!!!

Halt the Ageing Process

Aside form all the above benefits of meditation, when we meditate, our life giving blood flows more freely to bath our tissues and cells in the nutrition it needs f0r repair and health.

Our cells in the body are being replaced all the time

By providing the body with ease ( and great nutrition good air and natural living)  it is possible to slow and sometimes reverse the ageing process.

Adopt a Regular Practise and Thrive

Stress is a killer(literally)

By adopting a mediative practise on a daily and /or regular basis , we give our bodies ( and minds) one of the best chances it has, to restore and regenerate, to maintain equilibrium and to thrive.

So grab yourself  a candle and close your eyes!

To Learn how to adopt a regular practise and create peace, harmony, happiness and balance in your life click here



Is there anything else you would like to know about how stress effects our well being or would you like to comment on your experience with stress and /or meditation?

 Leave a Comment below… and I will get back to you as soon as I can

BE WELL – Every Day!

 Health- and -Wellness

  1. I literally laughed out loud when I read about the part of our body know as the hypochondrium .
    And you are so right with our body doing little things to let us know that it’s overloaded. The past couple of weeks I’ve been breaking out and I’m past the breakout point in my life (at least I thought I was). And just yesterday I had weird shoulder pain and still don’t know why or how I did that. I’ve been so, so tired.
    I know meditation is good for me but I haven’t really found a practice that works for me. Any ideas?

    • Hey Jennifer Thanks for your comment… yes the body will definitely let you know when its stressed. Breaking out is assuredly high cortisol levels And as I said what comes up must go down- hence the tiredness.
      I think finding a meditation practise that works for you is trial and error. But the key is to do it regularly and daily if possible …then your body “Looks” for it like it looks like food. I use a combination of pure meditation daily and then do some visualisation to keep my vibration up… Kundalini breath work is a great way to lead you into meditation.. keep trying things but just do it regularly … And I find that if I have trouble meditating its because there is something really bothering me that i need to address And then I journal about it
      Hope that helps. Kristin

  2. Hi Kristin, thanks for sharing your ideas on Meditation.
    I cannot agree more that meditation is quite helpful for our well-beings!
    Actually, i’m a big fan of mediation and meditate very week. Usually, i will put some soft&light music on and set some aroma aside me. This process is quite relaxed and immerse myself in a world of mine. I hope more and more people could join in after checking your informative post! Thank you.

    • Thanks so much Shaun.. I agree theres could be more meditation in everyones lives. even if thats just slowing down to watch a beautiful sunset. I love the way you meditate … we have to make it a great experience and your way sounds so lovely

  3. I love that quote! “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life” is exactly how I go about things these days and it has made all the difference in mine and my family’s lives. However, I do think that although the chosen career path I’m on allows for ultimate freedom, it still requires work. It’s posts like this that remind me that I’m not doing enough living thanks to the workaholic that got me to where I am in the first place. Thanks for the reminder Kristen. Oh and what does “nth” mean?

  4. Hi there great article, I like the simple way you have of how stress affects your health. The Triangle diagram makes it easy to understand the effect of stress on the adrenals and how it affects other body systems.
    As a former adrenal fatigue sufferer I can attest to the effectiveness of regular meditation in helping calm the adrenals and reduce stress.

    • Thanks so much Ann… I too have had chronic fatigue. Learning to meditate has been a life saver for me .
      It has really enable me to be in better touch with my body’s and my emotional needs. We can be on auto pilot with out really checking in with ourselves. And those adrenals ..well in TCM they’re called the life gate… and they truly are where our life energy stems from!

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