Live and Dare Master your mind in depth 5 week course

Course Duration: 5 weeks fully supported by Giovanni

Course author: Giovanni Dienstmann. International author, meditation teacher, coach and speaker.

Investment: $97

Guarantee:100% 30 day Money back guarantee

My Rating: ( as a meditation teacher and health practitioner) 9.8/10


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If you’ve ever wanted to know more about: –

Guided mediation for beginners


Chakra meditation for beginners and for balancing and healing

Mindfulness meditation for beginners,

Then look no further than this 5-week online course

As an holistic health practitioner and meditation teacher …this course  is brilliant and something  I recommend  to all my clients as part of their health and wellbeing regime

Why Meditate?

If you are not living a life that is calm, centred and focused

And you struggle with: -A noisy, anxious, scattered mind or

  • Restlessness
  • Stress & tension
  • Insecurity
  • Being reactive or irritable
  • Negative self-talkLive-and-Dare-5-week-in-depth-meditation-course
  • Low energy levels
  • Fear
  • Poor sleep
  • Self-doubt
  • Regrets
  • Emotional eating
  • Procrastination

And identify with any of these conditions you are in the right place.

Don’t worry, you are not alone.


The Key to meditation is consistency …one of the most difficult yet crucial elements in really making a meditation practice work for you

Without consistency you will never know if mediation is working for you to:-

Reduce stress

Clear past pasterns

or enhance your well being

So… well… you may as well not meditate at all to be quite honest!

However, we are all beginning to understand that a meditative practice can have enormous benefits to both your body and mind and help create the life you desire

So let’s get meditating!

LIVE and Dare Master your mind( Beginner)-The simplest path to daily meditation

The Rolls Royce of Beginner Meditation Courses!

Not only does this course get you started but it keeps your meditation engine running as smoothly as silk.

Live and Dare Beginners meditation, takes care of all those issues of starting mediation and keeping the meditation engine running , so that it becomes an ingrained joyful habit that you look forward to and cant live without ..every day

It becomes as normal as brushing your teeth and Drinking your first morning cuppa

And something that you look forward to

Giovanni’s Heat felt mission in life:


About Giovanni :-

Giovanni is not just someone who teaches meditation He lives and breathes his passion to  empower a million on the planet to attain empowered peace– i.e peace of mind,
because with that, comes a sense of freedom, of not being disturbed by anything. With peace also comes confidence, emotional balance, and clarity.

Giovanni has Practiced meditation daily for the past 18 years and has-

  • Over 9,000 hours of practice
  • Tried 70+ different techniques
  • Studied 200+ books on the topic
  • Was formally initiated into 4 different meditation traditions
  • Spent 10 weeks training in a Monastery in France
  • Nearly became a monk twice in my journey

His Journey into and realisation of, his passion has come from

But I was not born peaceful.

Quite the contrary, as a teenager he was restless, and couldn’t really manage himself. His mind was always busy, full of thoughts, never content.He was easily disturbed, and would often panic and overreact when he felt triggered.

He also experienced being bullied at school and at home, and had to find ways around those challenging experiences.

Things started to change for him when he  found meditation—and all the wisdom teachings that come with it—as a 15-year old. He fell in love with the feelings of peace, centeredness, and freedom that came with the practice.

The real bully is inside your head.

Meditation taught him that the real bully was inside his head, and that he could learn to be his own best friend, and stop causing pain to himself.

He realised that regardless of what life would throw at him, He always had the option to be greater than that. To let go. To not suffer.

He learned to accept life—and accept himself—no matter what.

And in that found great peace, contentment, and empowerment. Meditation indeed changed his life in many ways.

And it can change yours!

Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is establishing that connection” – Amit Ra




1.Developing the HABIT of practicing meditation daily.

Starting with as little as a 2minute session per day, and gradually increasing to 15 minute sessions.


2.Trying DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES each week,  Giovanni  introduces  a  new  practice and by  the  end  of  the  course,  you will  be well  equipped to  choose  the  meditation technique that best suits you.


3.Developing  the OPTIMAL  ATTITUDE  towards  meditation, so  that  you  can

enjoy the process as well as the result, and keep meditation as a lifetime habit.


4.DEEPENING your practice and enhancing your power of focus.Brain-Benefits-of-meditation


5.INTEGRATING  MINDFULNESS  into  your  daily  life, through reminders,  apps, exercises and daily challenges.


6.BROADENING your knowledge on meditation practice, so you understand what you are doing.


7.Pointing out the NEXT STEPS of your journey.



The Live and Dare beginners meditation Course is  composed  of  35  daily  lessons, organised by  week.

Each  week  has unique themes, goals, and a summary of the insights at the end.

Week 1


Establishing the  habit  of  meditating daily.  Learn the  optimal  attitudes  and important tips on how to stick to your habit and deal with obstacles.


Conscious deep breathing, for 2~3Live-and-Dare-beginners-meditation-course


Week 2


Solidifying your habit

Improving your posture and ability to focus

Technique to implement:

Breathing awareness for 3~7 minutes.

Week 3


Improving your sessions and concentration.Master-Your-mind-Meditation-Course-techniques


Mantra meditation, for 8~10 minutes.

Week 4


  • Refining your attitude towards practice
  • Mindfulness in daily life.


Chakra meditation, for 11~13 minutes.

Week 5


  • Mastering your mind. Deepening your practice
  • Life integration.


  • Loving Kindness meditation, for 13~minutes
  • Closure

All lessons in the course are accompanies by

  • PDFs:
  • Video and Meditation Cheat sheets(a course summary)

& Your Next Steps

You will have a short lesson (PDF & audio) for each day, which

consists of:

  • An inspiring quote
  • Instructions
  • The concrete  steps  you  need  to  take to  read
  • Before your daily practice.
  • “Learn More” Links for you  to  learn  more  about  meditation.

This last section is optional. If you decide to read it, do so after your practice (or any time  during  your  day).

It includes one “benefit of the  day” (to  keep  you motivated),

“myth of the day”, and

“FAQ of the day”


Repetition is the mother  of  learning and  Giovanni lovingly repeats some points  throughout the days, so that they become second nature to you.

How Does Live and Dare rate in the Non Sectarian Mediation Blog platform??

Live and Dare rates Third in online blog platform however : Muse and Headspace are tech products ( apps), so that’s what their site is about.


 Top Non-Sectarian Meditation Blogs

Website Alexa rank Moz DA
Headspace Blog 23,811 48
Muse Blog 226,407 60
LiveAndDare 324,077 41
Karanbajaj 357,054 18
MeditationIsEasy 475,968 28
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The Daily Meditation 905,367 22
ASMY 1,474,676 19 2,038,704 30
One Moment Meditation 2,231,383 31
1GiantMind 2,237,201 32
Meditate Yoga And Meditation Center 2,538,433 16
Spirit Balance 3,142,567 14
REALThings 6,317,306 18
Serenity Meditation And Yoga 9,835,370 7
Stuck In Meditation 12,229,713 16
Centred Meditation 13,452,366 8
Lifestyle Meditation 15,283,109 13
Streamline Meditation 16,246,675 13

Actually, if instead of raw traffic you consider the popularity in the blogosphere (backlinks), or number of social media shares that the meditation articles get, LiveAndDare is the most popular.

Shares of most popular article

  • LiveAndDare –> 11k shares (article)
  • Headspace Blog —> 3k shares (article)
  • Muse Blog —> 930 shares (article)

Links from other sites (according to Moz’s Open Site Explorer)

  • LiveAndDare —> 3,318
  • Muse Blog —> 251
  • Headspace Blog —> 130

Also, the reader Allen Wei (blogger of hundreds of meditation blogs included LiveAndDare as the second most influential blog on meditation on the web!

As a health and wellness practitioner of 35 years now, the difference I see in health and wellbeing in my clients the speed in which they heal is always, always made much faster and more easily in those whom adopt a regular meditative practise.

But don’t just take my word for it …

Here are just s few snapshots of  Giovanni’s delighted customers:-


I used to meditate with the Headspace app, but felt that I was ready to take the next step in my practice.

Giovanni’s course was incredibly helpful, reignited my passion for meditation, and helped me create the daily habit.

Now meditation the way I start my day. It brings me clarity, serenity, and it helps me to center myself… which is really important because I have three kids, and things can get quite chaotic at times. I really needed this quiet time.



Mindi Rosser

(Marketing Expert; Chicago, USA)



I’ve been dealing with anxiety and PTSD since my husband passed away, and I’m also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My nerves have been so bad that even medication was not helping.

Following this course and meditating every morning has made quite a difference in how my day starts and continues throughout. I found a calmness within me that I didn’t know existed. There is a sense of peace seems to follow me through the day.

Meditation has helped me with my pain management, anxiety and depression. Now I can’t imagine not doing it every morning.

I knew meditation would help, but integrating this into my life has just been phenomenal. My goodness what a difference! I’m so grateful for your work.



 Kristie Stailey

(Valdosta, Georgia USA)



I meditated daily for over two years. Three years ago, during a difficult time in my life when I should have made my meditation practice stronger, I stopped abruptly.

During the last three years I tried several different programs to return to my meditation habit. Nothing worked, until I found your Master YourMind meditation course.


Rob Pieper

(Restaurant Owner, Colorado USA)



With your courses I am now able to relax while in stressful situations and diffuse my emotions. I can also finally get to sleep! I’ve also gotten more in touch with my heart and found more compassion for myself and others. Your loving-kindness meditation fills my heart with so much peace and hope. A great gift!



Faith Zack





Your meditation course and blog are both wonderful—the best ones I’ve ever seen. With your help I’ve now been practicing meditation regularly, and it feels wonderful. The practice gives me joy, happiness and energy. I always look forward to the next day’s meditation session.



Irina Berry




Following the daily guidance in the course was easy. The techniques Giovanni teaches feel much better than following the guided meditation CDs I have at home. This is the real thing! I feel more centered and calmer now and am looking forward to see the further benefits this will have in my life.



Robynne Reed




Discovering Giovanni’s exceptional courses has been a game changer for me—by far one of the most important milestones in my life. He really helped me experience the most extraordinary feelings of joy, and bring a sense of calmness to those around me. This was powerful and transformational.



Liz Malcolm




Giovanni’s meditation course helped me learn to forgive myself and accept my limitations. I also learned to have some compassion for myself and others. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs a more structured, systematic and methodical approach to meditation.


100%-Money-Back-Guarantee-Live-and-Dare-Meditation-courseFULL Money Back Guarantee

Lastly, if you’re not completely satisfied, Giovanni has a 100% money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose, except all that stress you’ve been carrying around.


Enroll now and get 21% off. While the timer lasts…
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Check out Giovanni’s Blog at

I absolutely love this 5 week meditation course . I did the course to find the best recommendation for my clients and fell in love with it!
If you would like to know anything about the course leave me a comment below and I will get back to you!



  1. Meditation as a daily practise is something that is an absolute must. I meditate daily, 6 weeks now for only 30 mins a day and the difference is tremendous gone is my anxiety and melancholia, which was engulfing me.

    30mins, all it takes. Usually done in my lunch hour.

  2. Thanks, Kristin this is a very helpful and comprehensive review of Live and Dare Meditation Course. I practice meditation and yoga almost daily however there is always room to learn more and to remain consistent. As you say in your review, consistency is so very important. Although I meditated this morning already, I was very distracted so I am going to go refocus and try another strategy again as you’ve said is available through this course you reviewed. Thanks so much for sharing, I had not heard of it until now.

  3. Hi! This is very interesting. I have been suffering from severe anxiety more than a decade now and sometimes if my anxiety attacks, I can’t even concentrate on my task. I have been looking for a course that will help me to ease the pain that I am having right now. By the way, DO you think meditation can cure my anxiety? Thanks

    • Hi Ford Thank you for asking. I absolutely know that meditation can help….some people say that they just dont suffer anxiety after they meditate regularly andI believe that is the key.

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