Regardless of whether you are 5, 55 ,or 105 , it is ALWAYS a great time to start a meditation practise for your health.

Meditation practises have been around for centuries.

And now science has caught up with the idea and why it is so good for you.

Read on and find out the myriad benefits of a daily meditation practise for you wellbeing!


What are the benefits to meditation?

Why is meditation an important (and essential) part of our wellbeing especially in this day and age??

In our modern day world we are constantly “in our heads”…

  • decisions
  • responsibilities
  • thoughts running
  • worries,
  • planning
  • researching
  • checking in on social media,
  • more decisions,
  • triggers from unhealed trauma. and emotional stress… yada yada yada

We are constantly running on fight and flight mode, pushing cortisol (stress hormones) through the roof!

A state that cannot be sustainably maintained, without dire consequences to our health.

When our cortisol levels are constantly high it leads to:-Stress-high-cortisol

  • immune system problems
  • hormonal problems
  • skin problems
  • headaches & migraines
  • fatigue/chronic fatigue
  • high blood pressure
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • digestive problems
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • hopelessness
  • ageing

You name it, cortisol ( or the lack of it from over use) can be traced back to the stress response and create almost every dis-ease known to man or beast.

And in a word it is EXHAUSTING – physically, mentally and emotionally.

This constant over thinking, over planning & over worrying, has a huge impact on our energy reserves

And it never stops if we don’t take responsibility for stopping or at least slowing it down.

It is a huge energy drain.

We were NEVER meant to live this way- certainly not long term and not constantly.

Epidemic Dis-ease/ Un-ease

In our world, most particularly in the Western world, busy-ness and stress has become pandemic.

We glorify the busy-ness and productivity ,pushing ourselves harder and faster to ” Get There”


Society has set us up!

We strive for better jobs, better status and positions in our jobs, better recognition

Better homes – our place to “be”

But we are so busy getting there that we never are!

We can never just “be ”

We are constantly doing…

Crazy right??

After all we are human BEINGS – NOT human DOINGS

And in our attempt to (finally) be able to just be, we are so busy getting there, that we are constantly doing

And when we finally get to where we think we will be able to”be and relax, 9 times out of 10, 3/4 or more of our lives have passed and we are unwell and There is dis-ease (unease) in our bodies.

And what makes matters worse we think that is  normal and it’s in our genes and we are predisposed and have NO control over why we are sick.

We Go to the Doctor and are prescribed medications that are un-natural to our bodies and that we become reliant upon – sometimes for the rest of our lives

Meditation Benefits to Health



  • Increases blood flow to your brain- better blood flow meaning a better working brain allowing you to think more clearly and organise more proactively and efficiently.
  • Reduces blood pressure and heart rate– relieving constant pressure on all our blood vessels
  • Rest and recovery from stress – goodness knows we could all do with a little more down tome and recovery.
  • Increases the production of serotonin and dopamine-our antidepressant ,anti-anxiety neurotransmitters- increasing and stabilising our moods
  • Boosts the immune system- the immune system is boosted and restored and so is our general well being and we reduce stress.
  • Reduced muscle tension– our muscles hold everything in place but if there is too much tension blood flow is decreased and we are exerting pressure on our skeletal system which holds our nervous system. If our nerves are under stress then the communication from our brains to our body’s is scrambled.
  • Slows the ageing process – meditation significantly reduces stress hormones that cause us to age more quickly.

Meditation Benefits for Mental Health


  • Increases positive emotions- with the reduction of stress we return to our natural state of calmness and clarity, increasing our confidence to meet the challenges of life
  • Increases focus and awareness. We slow down and we are here, right now, in the present, this in turn increases our productivity and sense of achievement ( and we aren’t running around like chooks with their heads cut off)
  • Resilience to stress- when we meditate, we are not on constant fight and flight which can become very addictive, some of us feel that we are just not ourselves unless we are running on adrenaline ..but this wears our nervous systems down.
  • Increases intelligence- meditation allows us to slow down and not be in fight and flight and therefore in our primitive reactive part of the brain.Because of this, we are able to access more of our brain reasoning and problem solving skills from our knowing and intuition, with calmness and clarity. This ultimately increases our intelligence because we are using more of our brains.
  • Better learning ability- Meditation allows us to be more present therefore allowing us to assimilate information more easily. It open up the pre-frontal cortex (our learning centre).
  • Reduces nervousness and anxiety- when we meditate we feel a greater sense of connectedness to ourselves. When we are more connected to ourselves our anxiety abour others decreases
  • Connection to self-when we slowdown and meditate we are able to much more easily get in touch with who we are what we want and we are able live a more purposeful life & our needs wants and desires.
  • Increases empathy and compassion for ourselves and others-meditation rewires the brain and increases our ability to be able to consider the feelings and needs of others and how we could be of service. And this is important for ourselves too .Without empathy and compassion for ourselves and the ability to put ourselves first, it is impossible to help and be there for others without leaving ourselves in deficit. The improvement of empathy and compassion has been studied through neurocscience
  • Emotional stability- Emotional stability is a natural consequence of slowing down and living in an unstressed brain.We are less reactive because of lower stress hormones and the balancing of brain chemicals
  • Increased positivity- simply put when we are less stressed, we are able to see the whole picture and choose how we react to any given situation.Our cognitive ability is increased, allowing us to problem solve much more easily and positively.


Meditation made easy- Change your Life for the Better in 10 Minutes a Day

There is no right or wrong way to meditate.meditation-change-your-life

Whether you use relaxing meditation music, guided meditations for sleep or just guided meditations, practice mindfulness techniques, sit under a tree or in your bedroom with a candle or simply focus on your breath,

The point is to slow down from our busy way of life and focus inward.

Start with 10 minutes and increase your practice daily .Do it on a daily basis if you can.

Meditation will add time and energy to your day.

Make it a practice to get up half an hour earlier than the rest of your family or flat mates, before breakfast, have a glass of water and hydrate yourself and make the time.

Doing it first thing in the morning is a great time as often intend to take the time somewhere in our day but before we know it, the day is over, we are exhausted, fall into bed, only to get up the next day to do it all over again.

It’s a fabulous way to start the day and you will find there is more time because you are not running on unproductive stress hormones,

Your mind will be clearer.

You will feel more energised at the end of the day.

And you will sleep more peacefully

And your life will be the way YOU want it to be!

As a heath practitioner of 35 years( and counting) The difference in speed of healing I witness in my clients is accelerated in those who adopt a regular meditation practise

I absolutely love Giovanni’s courses . He is a living breathing, exemplary  example of what meditation can do for you.
You can check out my review on his beginners course here


  1. I suppose I could spare ten minutes and give this a try. I have always thought that meditation is boring but it really has so many benefits, I cannot justify passing up the opportunity to do something good for myself. I used to be an avid walker/hiker but osteoarthritis is slowing me down. Walking in nature had so many of the same benefits that meditation has but it is much more challenging to walk than it used to be. Perhaps meditation will become my new thing. I used to do about ten minutes of stretches in the mornings and that started to hurt so I stopped. I think I’ll try meditating during that time instead and see how it goes. By the way, I really like your website. The format and colors appeal to me. I’ll be back!

    • Thank you so much Theresa I do hope meditation helps.I was born with Arthritis so I completely understand how restrictive it can be Fortunately Through studying Herbal medicine and other modalities- meditation being one of those, I am free of it, except for barometric symptoms . I am a better weather forecaster than the weather forecast itself LOL
      I am looking forward to having you back!

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