Meditation-Exercises-for Beginners


The most difficult part of meditation is  …well meditating… and beginning!

I mean how do you start?

How do you meditate ?

What do you do?
What if you cant shut your head up?

How do you  know whether you are doing it right?
How do you know if you are actualy meditating?
Whats types of meditation are there?
Are some types better than others ?
How do i know if it’s working?
Blah Blah Blah


1. Chakra Meditation

The Chakras  are the Organs of the energetic body ..interestingly an organ ..”organises”

The chakras are  energy/nerve ganglia that branch out from the spine

The chakra system is part of the architecture of the soul-  the direct line to higher consciousness … integrating earth to heaven, and base to grounding    The chakras  are also the container of our energy.

The Sacral  chakra is the water in the container (emotion)

The Solar plexus is the  fire element .The ” I can get this done ,I have the  power”

The Heart is air. Air  has no boundaries  or edges buy surrounded by it.

The Throat is the  sharing of  consciousness through communication.

The 3rd eye is imagination and possibility.

Everything begins with a thought… Sow a thought reap an act, sow an act reap a habit, sow a habit reap a reward and your destiny.

The Top chakra operates all this. It is the  essence of all of us. And when we expand this  chara, there is so much for all of us – we are connected to the oneness, the collective consciousness, and higher wisdom

All of  the chakra’s represent all the  parts of our hu-man-ness.

The Chakras  are the  energetic map where we can focus our spiritual attention.

And the Map tells you where you CAN go if you choose to heal.


if we want to get to love and  higher consciousness  The chakras are  the “this us the road I take.”… the map that shows me where we are out of balance and therefore blocked to higher consciousness.

We can work with these energies to put our hu-man-ness in balance…

As a Whole formula for life

How to assess the chakras 

Root ChakraMeditation-Exercises-for-Beginners

To be balance means to be  in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings and higher awareness and  higher consciousness.

The root chakra when in balance is  stable grounded-ness, abundance  and  being able to handle physical pain ..

If  it is deficient  we are always in  our heads,  feel fearful , have financial struggles.

If it is excessive we are  attached to security,  feeling heavy and weighed down.

Sacral chakra

When  the sacral chakra is healthy,  we feel emotions deeply but are  not carried away by pleasure and pleasurable pursuits and  seeking instant gratitude.

When the sacral chakra is deficient we:-Meditation-Exercises-for-Beginners

Lack creativity, have repetitive dysfunctional relationships-we may have the same unpleasant experience over and over again.

Lack motivation, lack sexual appetite or  experience unpleasant sexual intercourse,  feel emotionally confused, feel unimportant, think nobody lovesus, thinkwe are unacceptable by those around us or by  society,  and may you think we do not know how or cannot taking care of ourselves This can relate to money issues)

If the sacral chakra is in  excess

We may have an insatiable appetite for things and  difficulty feeling satisfied. have hip pain or lower back pain or lower abdominal pain. We may Problems with reproductive organs. or haveIssues with fluid in the body including bladder and kidneys.


Is  the  integrator and centre of the  whole  system.

If in balance  we are  good to ourselves and othersMeditation-Exercises-for-Beginners

And we feel peaceful.

If is is  not  in balance, we feel unworthy, lonely and  isolated.

In excess, we are needy, clingy, narcissistic and  possessive

And in deficiency,  we are shut down and numb out our feelings

Excessiveness  means we are over compensating for some we do not feel or do not ( yet) have.

The definition of un-emotion  is denying  the self and feelings and being inflexible and rigid.

If the heart is in excess  we are overly emotional, have  poor sense of boundaries and are  not a good container. We may indulge drugs and escapism.

We can all  get more balance in our chakras if we work on  ourselves

Throat ChakraMeditation Exercises-for-Beginners

The throat is related to sound  and expression

if  the throat chakra is deficient, we are  shy ,quiet and  creativity is blocked.

In Excess .. we talk too much) ( and are not really expressing anything

If in balance, we have a resonant full voice, are a good listener and  good communicator.

3rd eye chakra

Relates to  intuition &  clarity.Mediation-exercises-for-Beginners

In balance, we see things straight , have imagination , can dream  and  can visualise.

If  the throat chakra is deficient- we deny ourselves  the  possibilities in life  and daring to dream.

We are in in illusion  & cannot focus.

If it is excessive-  There are delusions, we  don’t test things in reality and  are obsessive

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is  the source and consciousness.Mediation-exercises-for-Beginners

We  feel spiritually connected, intelligent ,process quickly  and are open minded

If this chakra is  closed

we are  confused, indoctrinated  and excessive,   have spiritual obsessions, intellectualise , are a a know it all  and  not connected in heart.

Ask yourself “Which one  needs work??

This is a beautifully scripted chakra meditation you can do here:-

It is important to know that the more we work on ourselves and grow from within, the more our chakra’s will be in balance  and our lives in harmony

To read more about the chakras in a previous post click HERE

2. Mindfulness meditation – the  present is a gift


Often we can be any where EXCEPT in the present moment We are often planning about the future of writing lists of things to do or worrying about some future event and these things take us away from where is right here and right now


We are feeling remorse, guilt, or self reproach about some past event.

And all of these things take us away from the present moment.

It is neither wrong or bad to feel these things, as they are a very necessary part of being human.

If we never reflected on past events and actions, we my never have the insight to learn from them  or grieve or change how we go about things. And this is a very healthy thing to do

If we never plan for future events, time passes by and we may find that thats all we have – just time passing, without ever really committing to creating new things whether that be a new way of doing things or planning a much needed rest .

It’s just that if we are ALWAYS in the past and/or the future ( yes some of us are so overwhelmed that we jump from past to future and back in a nano second), we miss the pleasure and regenerative momentous of just being right here and right now.

We  don’t feel appreciation for what is here . And we miss the gifts of what is around us  and time seems to go much faster ,often with us feeling like we have gotten nowhere and achieved little

Its all about balance…. 

Zen and the Art of Being In the moment

Have you ever watched a beautiful sunset  that you could not take your eyes off and it took your breath away?Meditation-Exercises-for-Beginners

You are captured  and cannot take your eyes from it, lest you miss something and your need  to see the brilliant colours and cloud formations and the unique way in which the fading sun hits them, with its rays, slowly changing ,each subtle change bringing awe and amazement….  until the sun sets and the vision is gone

This is a great place to start!

Thats’s mindfulness … the full appreciation with all of your senses, witnessing the miracle, beauty  awe  and magic of natures wondrous light show.

Remember how that feels?  The emotion that it evokes? The wonder.?..

When you train your brain to be mindful, you’re actually remodeling the physical structure of your brain Creating space  and creating time ( yes that is possible ) And rewiring the neurones ,stimulating the pleasure centre, calming your nervous system and replenishing your reserves.

When we are able to be present more often, our physical mental and spiritual health and wellbeing increases. We not only feel better but we age much more slowly our immune system is in tact, our intuitive ability increases. and we are happier.

Simple exercises in mindfulness.

1. Watching the breath

Use the vision of a breath ball. Close your eyes and imagine a colourful ball in front of you

As you breath is see in your mind’s eye see the ball contracting and as you breath out see it expanding.

Set a timer and do this for 5 minutes and increase the time by a minute daily.

2. Go out in nature and find a plant or a flower or a tree that you like.

Observe it, see all the colours the formations in the petals or the leaves, the stamen if it is a flower or the leaves, their shapes and the different colours in a flower.

What shape is it? How does it smell?  What do the stems and branches look like? What colours are in them?   Just observe and witness how it makes you feel.

3.Yoga Nidra

Close your eyes connect to your breath and scan your body from the top of your head and slowly down through your body.. Do not change what you see and feel.  Just observe

4.Smell the roses

Take a daily walk – just 10 minutes is fine. And on your walk smell the air ,notice the plants, stop and smell the roses. Notice your posture, notice your breath and  feel the ambience of the air.

5.Eating (yes eating!!)

Eating is a great way to be mindful

Often we just inhale our foodMindfulness Meditation

Next time,  look at your food imagine how it will taste.  Put it in your moth and taste it, savour the flavour notice the texture and enjoy!!

Be Kind to your mind

If your mind wanders (and it will), simply bring it back to  the present moment and continue to observe.


As with everything, practise makes better.

Do it daily  . Make the time.

Then reflect in a week or 10 days and observe how your overall wellbeing is-

How is your energy?

Do you feel more peaceful?

Can you sort through your problems more easily?

Are you sleeping better?

How do you feel?

We can be mindful in ANY moment

Even when things seem to be in chaos, just come back to your senses and simply observe.

Mindfulness allows us clarity and calmness in a world where everything feels fast paced and sometimes crazy

Be  the eye of the storm and watch you wellbeing soar!



Visualisation is a very active form of mediation -as opposed to pure meditation, which is a letting go and passive.

Visualisation stimulates and  balances the 6th or 3rd eye chakra(Ajna)

As mentioned before, everything we create in our lives begins with a “thought” How those thoughts turn into” things’ depend entirely on how we FEEl about those things …

If we have unwanted things in our lives we simply have not found the causal feeling ,expressed it and therefore healed it.

Having said that, we can manufacture feeling with practise.

Visualisation is the practise of seeing in the minds eye that which we desire ( or not).  That’s why we keep hearing “watch your thoughts” and “be careful what you ask for….”

Not all of us can visualise at the beginning

If we ave suffered neglect or abuse  and been denied in our early years, then our ability to imagine what we would really like to have, can be difficult.

So it may take some practise.

I know I really struggled with visualisation and even stated that I wasn’t a visual person.

I was denied pretty much everything as a child, so i really didn’t even know it was possible or I was allowed to “have” nice things in my life.

The message here, is with time and practise, love and nurturing ourselves ( and perhaps engaging a trusted counsellor), we can ALL entertain the idea ( thought) of being able to create what we want for our lives.

The key to visualisation is there MUST BE EMOTION attached.

To begin visualisation, if your are not feeling that you can, start with putting some time out aside to fantasise about what you would like in your life.


Write it out in as much detail as you can and imagine what it would be like to have the thing/s you want

Read it daily and feel how that would feel.

Make space for yourself regularly ( Doing this regularly is the key!!)Put on some soft music if you like, perhaps light a candle and  close your eyes .

And just imagine how it would feel to have the things that you desire.

Keep practising imagining it and seeing it in your minds eye and do it until you can become part of the scene and it becomes part of you

There are plenty of guided mediations around and having support and committing to a time place and space to do it is fundamentally the key to manifesting what you want.

Most of us struggle with the commitment to do this and I recommend committing to and investing in a course like a beginners guide to meditation ,which can  show you, with support, all the different types of meditation there are, so that you can choose which one is right for you.

And I highly recommend this one that I send all of my clients to. You can see a review of it HERE

4.Pure Meditation

Pure meditation is passive and does not involve “doing” anything.

It is simply  (again) providing a regular time and space for your to just ” be”

There are a myriad benefits to pure mediation which you an read about in a previous post

You learn to meditate by meditating.Meditation-Exercises-for-Beginners

The silence and stillness you experience in meditation and the increased happiness and reduced stress you experience outside meditation are so appealing and welcomed that you naturally teach yourself how to go deeper into that silence and stillness each time you meditate.

This takes practise and commitment at first .

Meditation is like a muscle ..use it or lose it.

And support when you are learning, unless you are self -regulatory and  disciplined makes it much easier to establish a regular practise
To meditate in its pure form,  sit with a straight spine eyes closed connecting to the breath and focsuing on the breath, quietening all thought.

To begin meditating, sit comfortably and quietly and close your eyes.

Start by relaxing your muscles, first in your feet, calves, and thighs, and then by shrugging your shoulders and rolling your head and neck around.

Then for the first minute sit quietly with your eyes closed. During that minute thoughts will come.

Notice that those thoughts come simply and without any effort.

Let them pass.

You can acknowledge them with a gentle head nod and come back to your breath.

Connect to your heart centre.

Connecting to the feeling of your heart centre (  heart chakra) provides us with an entirely different feeling than being in our heads and thought. The more you drop your awareness to this centre the easier it will be to ” stay out of your head”

5.Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation has been practiced in India for thousands of years, because people knew that it reduced stress, calms the mind and increases inner peace.

Mantra meditation is the repetition of a word or phrase ( often in Sandskrit), that evokes  focus and  a feeling of peace

You really can use any word that you feel comfortable with does not matter!

Some words that can be  used are:-

Inner peace,  peace, effortless, compassion, love, one, calm, or gentle

Or religious prayer words:-

Hail Mary Full of Grace” or  “Ave Maria”.

If you are Protestant your mantra could be “The Lord is my Shepherd” or “Our Father Who art in Heaven”. or if you are jewish “shalom”Single-word mantras—like Om—can be pretty powerful.

Or the Kundalina yoga word Sat Naam ,meaning  ‘true name’ or ‘true vibration.’ Sat Nam is also translated as ‘Truth is my identity.’

Or the Sanskrit mantaMantra-Meditation

“Auṃ maṇi padme hūṃ”

The first word Aum/Om is a sacred syllable found in Indian religions. The word Mani means “jewel” or “bead”, Padme is the “lotus flower” (the Buddhist sacred flower), and Hum represents the spirit of enlightenment.

It is entirely up to you.

Try them out to see which mantra feels right to you.

There are SO many ways to meditate  and so many benefits.

The key is just to begin ,try out the different types .. use a combination or feel into what you align with the best.

The most important part is to do it regularly and DAILY if you can.

The benefits will not be realised unless it is done regularly and if you really want to know that you are truly meditating  and doing it the  right way and learn form a master.


Meditation-Exercises-for Beginners

Sat Naam







  1. Thank you for this post, it’s a such a good overview of our energetic chakra system and all the different ways we can become whole and more present through meditation. I am a big fan of meditation but I also know that meditation takes practice and the process can be frustrating at times but at the same time, I’m not able to give it up. I just keep coming back to it no matter what. Also, very important to practice mindfulness and presence throughout our day, whether it’s eating, walking, talking to people or working.

    • Thank you Martina You are so RIGHt It does need to be regular and also …it IS a muscle we have to use regularly
      I am so happy you use mindfulness through out the day, such a wonderful thing to do!

  2. Thanks for the post, I have been looking to start mediating in order to reduce some stress in my life. This article was very helpful! Cheers

  3. Hi Kristin!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. I love that you laid out the chakras. I need to get back into aligning those. I am so glad that you described each one and how they affect you when they’re healthy and balanced. It’s amazing how a force we cannot see can improve our life so drastically.

    I can’t wait to share this with my friends and family!


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