meditation-spiritual-healthAre you a bit woo woo? ..Do you want to know more about woo woo and your spiritual self ?

Theres a huge shift on the planet right now to get to know and integrate our spirituality.

Have you noticed?

Me?? Ive aways been a bit woo woo and intuitive and kinda knew things that other people didn’t

You know, the kid that thought about things differently And didn’t fit in and couldn’t understand why everybody wasn’t like me. In fact when I was studying Herbal Medicine 33 years ago ( see I told you I was out of the box),  a girl that  I did classes with- who has now been my best friend for 33 years, said to me ” Everybody’s not like you” ( she said it gently.)

That puzzled me for quite a while.

But I came to understand that she was right And I AM outta the box …but there you go ‘cos now I am writing about it and teaching other people Meditation( again) and also how to become healthy in a natural holistic way.

And meditation is very much a part of holistic health and wellbeing.

What is Spiritual Health?

Meditation for spiritual health is one aspect of looking after our whole selves.

We are an integrated mind, body, spirit, and soul and so to be completely well and completely whole our spiritual health must be part of that equation.

In fact mediation is the fast track to gaining whole health if we work with the energy, practise it regularly and do not use it to avoid

You’ve probably heard we a are a spirit with a body or a soul with a body.What-is-spiritual-health
We all come from source energy and are all part of the macro whole, in that we are all connected as one.

As you begin to hear  and feel your spirit ,you will begin to feel the connection.

Your Soul is your unique expression of you. It evolves and expands and grows

Spirit is eternal and cannot be conceived by the mind. It is a knowing.

It is pure unconditional love.  Spirit is everyone and everything.

It is the oneness that we are not separate from.

The soul goes through growth to become one with spirit.

The souls is constantly moving toward spirit… toward oneness-  the pure energy that creates everything

When we meditate and are able to connect to our spirit  & we find out who we truly are.

We connect to infinite consciousness  and intelligence and oneness ( even for a glimpse).

We  begin to be able to connect to the soul and  what it is and where we are in our spirtual growth ….

We can hear from a higher perspective what  truth is  for ourselves and what is not .

And if we follow this, we grow – our soul grows toward wholeness & oneness and toward the spirit of all that is.


So yes, meditation is great for spiritual health, in that we are able to  connect to higher consciousness without our conditioning.
In order to grow spiritually however, we must listen, hear, trust and take action on the guidance we receive.

This may take practise and testing things out…for it is fear that stop us from walking our spiritual path.

And it order to trust there is work involved in unravelling our past conditioning, fear anger, grief and guilt.

Take action on what is Present

I do not know of anyone whom has been able to gain spiritual health and growth without first addressing unhealed emotions.

We are so conditioned and so afraid to feel  that we can stay stuck for a long time …

We are seeking love in its purest form.

All of us on the planet have in us ,emotion that which is not Love… we may have glimpses of that eternal being and love but unless we are constantly in that state we have unhealed unexpressed feelings.

We Come Here to the Earth Plane to Grow.

Earth is the very best platform in which we are able to gain spiritual health and soul growth and  like anything worth attaining that will take some work.

BUT do not see it as work.. do no fear it… The problems is, that we have been taught not to feel

We’ve have been taught to logical-ise our feelings,We-Come- to-the-Earth-Plane-to-Grow.

This is an oxymoron . Logic is not feeling and feeling is not logic.

The juxtaposition  though, is that if we allow ourselves to release and feel e-motion( energy in motion) we come back to pure logic.

Logic from with in ..Our personal truth where the heart meets the head.

Heart Meets Head.

If we just allowed ourselves to feel without projecting our feelings onto someone or something else and just felt FOR ourselves we would access inner peace much faster and in a much easier way ,however our resistance is huge as we have been taught not to feel.

Thank goodness this is changing. Over the last 2 years in particular I have seen massive growth in the way we perceive and address our feelings .

Think back to the Vietnam war for instance …

Most of the soldiers that came back from that war internalised all the trauma and horror of that war only to result in either massive addiction mainly to alcohol suicide or terminal illness. And to add to this they were forgotten and criticised … The damage to these soldiers who really had no choice, was horrific .

And on top of that they were shamed as cowards for not wanting to return to battle .

We now understand this at PTSD. Meditation will not take way your PTSD, your trauma, your fear or your guilt . It will however, if you work with whatever arises, allow your resistance to healing these things to recede.Meditation-where-the-heart-meets-the-head

We need to cry sometimes in grief and sadness, to tremble in FEAR and sometimes to RAGE in order to fully heal and access who we truly are.

We are NOT these emotions. We are pure spirit seeking to release that which is not love ( our spirit.)

The more we  meditate and release the grip of our head, our logic and therefore our resistance, the more we will find the layers of debris that prevents us form knowing and be-ing our spirit and helping our souls to grow.

Expect the Debris to Surface as you Begin to Meditate

Expect to have feelings rise as you begin a regular meditative process .

It simply means your resistance is abating and lessening.

It is part of the process- part of your growth as a soul.

We come here to do this .Resistance is useless.

The other side of the Law of attraction

We will keep attracting to ourselves that which is in us, that has not healed.

Resistance is futile.  Logicalising is futile .

The Mirrors to your inner unhealed parts are all around us.

  • In our relationships
  • In Our surroundings
  • In our lack
  • In our fear

And HOW WE FEEL about these things.

The Key to Spiritual and Soul Growth and Health

For Example If you want money and you are poor ..then there are simply unhealed e-motions attached to money ..or to your relationship… or whatever it is.

How your lack of money, or what somebody does in  your relationships and HOW it feels is your key to soul growth and spiritual health.

The more we choose to face our feelings, express them and feel them, the more we change what we attract what we perceive and what we experience and see.

This is the holistic view of the law of attraction.

Simply Put

Meditation is your portal to inner and outer growth and whole self ,your body your soul and spirit .

And Connectedness to yourself and others

And  all that is

To Learn more about how to create a lasting meditative practise for yourself and know which practise is the right one for you click here



What is your experience with meditation and connecting to spirit?. I’d love to hear your feedback

please comment below…

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